While looking over my application, do not get the impression that I am a very SERIOUS (change word) person. I push myself to achieve great things, but still stay true to my quirky, offbeat nature. The ecletic activities that I have participated in throughout my life have caused me to be the MULTIFACETED person that I am today.

I thrive on competition. Even when the rewards are not clear, even when the road is arduous, I strive to be the best. Often in my life, my mother has pleaded with me to not take hard classes or to stay inside instead of doing a 10-mile long run. For whatever reason, I chose to disobey my mother and push myself to my physical and mental limits. Whether I am trying to be the best on the SAT, AP exams, cross-country trails, or swimming pool, I always give my all to reach the apex of my potential.

In all of my activities, I try to make sure that everything stays as casual and low-stress as possible. I am the QUINTESSENTIAL class clown, always making a witty comment to lighten the mood. This aspect of my personality has grown over recent years, as my father has been diagnosed with three different forms of cancer during my high school career. While dealing with the transience of life, I have

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